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The CO221 - 2.1 3m/s Controlled Ozone Generator unit with built in Air - Flow switch and PLC Control 


for Commercial Kitchen odour control.


(This unit is suitable for all Canopies upto 5.0 mtrs Long) 

The CO221 is a gaseous ozone generator that can be controlled by remote sensors monitoring the ozone levels at extract point of discharge and / or in the kitchen, should either level exceed the safety guideline levels the unit dwells for ten minutes and when the levels are below permitted levels restarts.


The CO221 units have been specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens. The system injects ozone into the kitchen extraction system where it reacts with the organic particulates that cause odours, these particulates are oxidized by a chemical reaction this results in the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The ozone itself is consumed during the process and is converted back to oxygen.


The CO221 Professional Range is the first energy efficient odour control unit available, the unit via its integrated smart control system is able to react to the air volume being drawn out of the kitchen through the duct work and thus only produce the level of ozone required for that air volume, and not simply be continuously on, therefore only using the energy required for this (not maximum at all times).


The benefits of an CO221 unit over traditional UV systems are as follows:


· Energy Efficient

· Smart controlled the unit works and reacts to system air pressure and ozone output

· Compact, lightweight and quiet operation so is less obtrusive

· Quick and easy low cost installation

· Low capital and running costs – up to 50% less than traditional UVC systems

· Injection into duct work – adding negligible back pressure to the system so requiring less energy to push air through the air handling system

The OC200 professional maintains efficiency as they remain outside of the air-stream, they also require less maintenance and require less cleaning


Councils are getting stricter and stricter on the smell of odours coming from commercial kitchens, this product will keep them happy and will also save you money when it comes to odour control as there is no need to upgrade ductwork or fans as compared to carbon